The furniture industry must increasingly face the challenge of rationally using smaller living spaces. This entails have to use area not normally used by traditional furniture. To increase living capacity without compromising on living space, furnishing solutions have been designed such as sofa beds and folding bed bases, which mainly satisfy daily need but generally are uncomfortable and not practical. In order to solve these issues, and focusing more on quality of living, Colombo 907 has developed wall-mounted beds with the following features: safe and reliable, ease of use, comfortable, modular design, aesthetic value, space saving solutions. Smartbeds by Colombo907 manufacture and export all over the world, which solved a thousand of space problem especially in hotel and hospitalities industries, naval and community industries. We cooperate with the best designers and will continue to ensure the company future development with commitment and innovation. SmartBeds Multifunctional furniture allow users to live comfortably even in small living spaces.